Dead in Thay: Dreams of the Red Wizards II

The End Game`
Session's 10 & 11

With a glyph key to the Temples of Extraction in hand, the adventurers could finally start making real progress towards reaching the Phylactery Vault. Stepping through the black gate of the gate house they entered the Temples of Anguish.

A series of chambers guarded by Red Wizards awaited the adventurers. In each a three-step stone dais set with four pillars held an unconscious humanoid suspended in a roiling field of golden light. The Red Wizards and their minions were easily dispatched and it was soon discovered the humanoid figures suspended above the dais’s were the Chosen of various gods. In one room the adventurers freed an old friend, Curran Corvalan, a halfling from Daggerford and Chosen of Tymora.

After a few brief battles the Temples of Extraction had been cleared and the Chosen freed or destroyed. Now all that was left was to re-tune a black gate to enter the Phylactery Vault and destroy Szass Tam’s lich servants.

The adventurers didn’t hesitate and entered the Phylactery Vault at once. They found themselves in a vast four-sided pyramidal space. It’s floor was roughly-hewn of white marble set with low circular pedestals of the same material. At the three corners of the floor stood sepulchers of white marble, each a three-sided pyramid reflecting the shape of the vault. Engraved into each sepulcher’s double doors was a four-armed gargoyle. A pool of dark liquid churned on the center of the floor.

The adventurers quickly deduced that the lich’s phylacteries most likely laid protected inside the sepulchers. Carefully making their way to the first sepulcher they tied a rope to the double door. After Anon Nautalius deftly picked the lock they stood at a distance and pulled the rope. Instantly the gargoyles on both doors of the sepulcher sprung to life and attacked. Prepared the adventurers quickly dispatched the magical creatures and entered the sepulcher.

It’s walls hummed with arcane power, and on its stone shelves were set leather cases, amulets, daggers, scroll tubes, unholy symbols, and other ornate objects. These were the phylacteries of Szass Tam’s lichs the adventurers had sought. With great difficulty the wizards and clerics focused on the arcane energy of the sepulcher and destroyed its protective powers. The various items on the sepulchers shelves burst into flames and turned to dust! Victory seemed at hand, but trouble brewed in the dark pool outside the sepulcher.

Fountains of shadowy energy burst from the dark pools and formed an inky vortex in the open air at the vault’s center. A gleaming black humanoid skull flew out of the vortex. It’s ruby eyes and diamond teeth glowed with an evil radiance. It was an aspect of Kazit Gul, creator of the Doomvault, and it would stop at nothing to protect the remaining phylacteries.

Half the adventures set out to the remaining sepulchers while the others engaged the evil skull of Kazit Gul. As Anon Nautalius, Stasi, and Fizbin Fizzlebottom, fought there way through more gargoyles into the remaining sepulchers, the others quickly learned Kazit Gul was not to be trifled with. A lightning bolt cast by Lynd of Pregen appeared to do nothing but amuse the lich’s skull, and other attacks seemed to have almost no effect either.

The battle raged fiercely, but soon the first casualty would fall (or lifelessly float in midair as it would be). Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast fly upon the paladin Parsimony in hopes of gaining an advantage. With his new found flight, Parsimony bravely flew at the skull of Kazit Gul. The ruby eyes of the skull affixed themselves on Parsimony, and the paladin felt his soul ripped from his body. His now lifeless corpse floated above the ground as his soul was sucked into a diamond tooth of the skull.

As Parsimony bravely sacrificed himself, his fellow adventures continued to destroy the phylacteries in the remaining sepulchers. Other’s continued to fling fireballs, spells, and weapons at the lich’s skull. Although the skull of Kazit Gul appeared to be damaged his resistance to the adventurers attacks was like nothing they had encountered before. Soon both Stasi and Anon Nautalius fell to the Kazit Gul’s gaze as well. Their fellow adventurers watched in horror as their bodies, along with Parsimony’s decayed at an astonishing rate until nothing but ash was left.

Finally the last sepulcher and the phylacteries withing was destroyed. The adventurers looked towards the skull of Kazit Gul in hopes it too would be destoyed, but to their dismay it remained. All seemed lost until, fellow adventures on another side of the Phylactery Vault’s four sides raced in to assist.

With their combined strength, the remaining adventurers dealt the final blow to Kazit Gul’s skull. Cracks formed along the skull and suddenly it burst into flames and turned to ash. It’s eight jeweled teeth fell to the ground. With victory finally at hand the adventures reflected on what had transpired. Lynd of Pregen quickly gathered the diamond teeth containing her departed companions souls.

With the phylacteries destroyed and Szass Tam’s power greatly diminished, Syranna stayed true to her word and teleported the remaining adventurers back to the Sword Coast. Reginald Carnelian found himself standing in a beautiful meadow under a morning sky. The wild flowers of spring were in full bloom, and in the distance he could see the majestic figure of a great stallion grazing in the lush fields. Hope filled his soul as he looked upon his long lost horse. For a second all seemed right in the world. A deep and vile roar shattered the tranquil moment. In the distance Reginald stared in horror as Baazka rose from a hill beyond his horse and gazed hungrily upon the delicious looking equine snack.

Abyssal Gate pt. 2
Session 9

Blinking back to the material plane Aist Orgost found himself face down on the cold stone floor of the Doomvault. Looking up, he could see the lich Tarul Var walking away and into the room his fellow adventurers had fled to. Conjuring all of his meager strength, Aist forced himself to his feet and began retreating down the hall.

Having lost sight of his fellow adventurers all seemed lost. Then flying through the hallway came his salvation. The cleric rode upon a fiery credenza, flying through air and guided by the wizard Fizbin Fizzlebottom. His hope reignited, Aist rushed forward and leapt upon the fiery flying credenza.

Stasi, Anon Nautalius, and Reginald Carnelian fled through the black gate to the gatehouse, narrowly escaping the clutches of Tarul Var. Lynd of Pregen was not so luck and lay dying a mere twenty feet from the black gate. Reginald Carnelian, refused to leave anyone behind and headed back through the black gate. Starring down Tarul Var, Reginald channeled his healing magic and brought Lynd back to the land of the living. Fleeing together back through the black gate they once again escaped the wrath of Tarul Var to the safety of the gatehouse.

Meanwhile, Aist Orgost, Fizbin Fizzlebottom, and the cleric flew through the halls of the Doomvault. Avoiding demons, trolls, and dispatching at least one stubborn wight, the adventurers made their way back to the black gate. Flying through at full speed they entered the gatehouse on their fiery flying credenza.

The Paladin stood in the magical darkness cast by a doorway. Shutting the doors the darkness dissipated. At the far end of the hall he could see the Tarul Var retreat to his quarters, now engulfed in flames. He silently made his way down the hall and to the black gate.

Reunited, the adventurers now all stood in the gatehouse with a burned and bashed credenza of Tarul Var. Searching the drawers, they found a glyph key attuned to the Temples of Extraction.

Abyssal Gate
Session 8

Heading south with Char Char the fire elemental in toe, the adventurers headed south through a hallway. They hoped to find a black gate marked on their maps in order to rest in the safety of the seclusion crypt. Passing a cross-section in the hallway they came to a closed wooden door. Tortured unearthly screams could be heard from the other side. Thinking it prudent to take advantage of their new fiery ally, the adventurers sent Char Char forth to break through the door.

Bursting through the wooden door, Char Char entered a large room filled with chains and instruments of torture. The origin of the screams previously heard was immediately apparent. A large red skinned demon with lobster claws was chained to the floor in the center of the room. Tormenting the demon were several skeletons and wight, all armed with long spears.


Immediately Char Char went to work burning the undead tormenters. The adventurers followed close behind and the battle was over in a few short moments.

With its undead tormenters no more, the demon asked the adventurers to free it, promising to assist in the destruction of the Red Wizards. The tiefling Aist Orgost wisely counseled against such a foolish idea, noting quite accurately that demons could not be trusted.

A vote was taken, in which the demons raised lobster claws may or may not have been counted, and it was decided to set the creature free. Freeing the demon proved to be no easy task as four locks secured the magical chains which restrained the creature. A few dispel magic spells later and the once unbreakable chains were no longer enchanted.

Seizing the opportunity the demon burst out of the chains laughing maniacally. “You chose well foolish human/elf/tiefling/halflings! I shall destroy the Red Wizards and you with them!”

Aist Orgost, having predicted this exact outcome, acted quickly and worked his magic. Casting a suggestion spell, Aist convinced the demon to first free his fellow demons imprisoned in a room nearby. Under Aist’s magical influence the demon saw the wisdom in this and quickly headed north to free the other demons.

The adventurers, realizing they had narrowly avoided disaster, decided to use the black gate in the corner of the room to access the seclusion chamber to rest.

Having rested the adventurers backtracked and headed north out of the room. Coming to a cross section in the hallway they had previously passed, they this time headed east. The hallway ended at a set of double doors inlaid with brass filigree in the shapes of angelic figures. Hoping to gain an angelic ally, the adventurers swung open the doors. Darkness spilled into the hallway and immersed the adventurers in necrotic energy. Quickly they slammed the door shut and the darkness retreated.

It was then they heard the angry scream and loud footfalls of a familiar creature coming from the northern hallway. The demon was returning. Unable to concentrate on his suggestion spell while in the seclusion zone, Aist’s spell no longer had a hold on the demon. Realizing it had been tricked it sought vengeance.

As the demon reached the cross-section in the hallway, the adventuring party was split on either side. The demon’s gaze fell upon Aist and he charged forth with the intent of tearing the tiefling apart with its lobster claws. Spells were fired, swords were swung and the battle seemed dire as the Demon seemed unstoppable.

On the opposite side of the hallway, one of the clerics hoped salvation (or treasure) would lie on the opposite side of an unclosed door. Swinging the door open, he peered in on a well-appointed living quarters. Standing screens divided the room into smaller sections containing couches, tables and desks. In the center of the room, starring back with hate filled eyes, was none other than the lich Tarul Var. Seeing those who had destroyed his beloved Bloodgate he pointed aimed his staff and unleashed a barrage of lighting and fire.


In short order the paladin had fallen unconcious. The tiefling trapped in the claws of the demon cast blink and flashed in and out of the material plane while slowly bleeding out.

With no creatures in its claws the demon bounded down the hallway towards the second half of the adventuring party and Tarul Var. It continued to battle ferociously until the string of lighting bolts Tarul Var filled the hallway with took it down.

With several of their members unconscious and a very angry lich in front of them, several of the adventurers decided to retreat to the black gate. The unnamed cleric and Fizbin Fizzlebottom had other ideas.

The unnamed cleric had been passed by the Tarul Var and saw an opportunity to raid the lich’s quarters. Heading to the desk, he immediately began rummaging through the drawers discovering a glyph key and steel key. One drawer remained stubbornly closed, clearly locked by magic.

Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast fly and raced down the hallway over the Tarul Var and into the lich’s quarters. Tarul Var turned and launched a fireball. Flames now consumed the room as Fizbin found the cleric hacking away at the desk. Tarul Var turned and chased after the escaping adventurers realizing the cleric and wizard had nowhere to go.

Thinking quickly, Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast levitate on desk. The cleric climbed atop, and the flying Fizbin began pushing the desk out of the room and down the hallway in haste hoping to escape both flames and lich.

The party remained split. Wizard and cleric flew down the hallway with a flaming desk. The paladin lay in a pool of blood. Aist, still unconscious, blinked back and forth between the Prime Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane. The rest of the party fled south to the black gate with Tarul Var close behind.


Temple of Chaos
Session 7

Opening the steel double doors, the adventurers found a finely furnished room before them. Tapestries adorned the walls, cushions covered the floor, and two sets of sliding double wooden doors were set into the southern wall.

Upon the cushions reclined a familiar figure over whom stood two armed guards. Lady Maldwyn, sister to the Duke of Daggerford, cried out upon seeing the adventurers enter, “Thank the gods! You must be here to save me! That treacherous succubus my brother was enthralled with switched places with me and imprisoned me here!”.

The guards looked at each other and readied their weapons. Charging forth Anon Nautalius and Reginald Carnelian fought there way to Lady Maldwyn. She fixed her gaze upon Anon Nautalius and convinced him, against Reginald’s advice to kiss her.

Her true nature was then revealed, as it was not Lady Maldwyn but the succubus herself. Despite draining much of Anon’s life force with her kiss he remained standing and under her charm. Battle ensued and eventually the succubus fell to the adventurers.

Searching the room, the adventurers found a wealth treasure along with another glyph key. Seeing as there were no other readily visible exits they decided to inspect the walls closely, and upon investigating the east wall quickly discerned there was hidden exit.

Sliding open the secret door, the adventurers were greeted by wave of heat. The small hallway revealed led to a soot streaked stone chamber, its walls lined by glowing runes. From the center a fire elemental surged forward towards the adventurers. Reaching the edge of the room the glowing runes flared and the elemental was brought to a halt. It screamed out in primordial, “Home! Want home!”.


Seeing an opportunity, Aist (the too good to create a character profile wizard) parlayed. Learning the elemental (forthwith known as Char Char) had been imprisoned by the Red Wizards, the adventurers decided to free him. After studying the runes Fizbin Fizzlebottom channeled his magic and brought down the magic field trapping the elemental. Char Char, grateful for being freed, agreed to follow the adventurers.

Making their way out the otherside of the chamber, the adventurers headed south until coming to another door. A large chamber lay on the other side. In it over a half dozen undead creatures stood guard over more than a dozen minor demons and imps imprisoned in cages. Battle ensued and the undead guards fell to the adventurers swords and spells.

Ignoring the demons and imps pleas for freedom the adventurers headed south out of the room.

Fiendish Arena
Session 6

The adventurers headed back to the gatehouse and had Syranna attune one of their Gate Keys to the Abyssal Prisons,

Stepping through the black gate the adventurers found themselves in a room, its walls covered in scorched and shattered plaster that once held up frescoes. From the cracked ceiling hung a dozen ruined chandeliers. From a hall exiting the room the sounds of an unfolding battle echoed. Blocking the exit a pair of zombies, a pair of wights, and two deathly pale humans stood guard.

The female human stepped forth and demanded the adventurers state their business. The wizard, previously driven mad, sauntered forth and attempted to charm the human with a piece of silk rope he believed to be an elegant scarf. Annoyed by this bizarre display, she bit deeply into the wizards neck and started draining his blood. A fight erupted which nearly claimed the paladins life, but in the end the adventurers emerged victorious.

Following the sound of battle the adventurers entered a vast chamber that might once have been a temple. In the center of the column filled chamber a the stone floor had been hewn out to create a large pit. It was from the pit that the sounds of battle had been coming. Several human prisoners and Shalendra Floshin were fighting for their lives against a Vrock.


The adventurers jumped into action. Fizbin Fizzlebottom had cast invisibility on Anon Nautalius who now snuck around to the far side of the pit. The other wizard, still out of his mind, ran forward and plunged into the fighting pit. Reginald Carnelian called upon the powers of Bahamut and with a Cause Wounds spell felled the Vrock, saving the prisoners from a Grisly fate.

Clapping his hands and emerging from the darkness on the opposite side of the pit, a elegantly dressed pale skinned man stepped forth. It was quickly learned that he was no friend of the Red Wizards and was bound to this place against his will. He allowed the adventurers and prisoners to leave with their lives as long as they swore to stay out of the chamber to the south. The adventurers accepted the deal and headed down a hallway to the east.

Passing through a White Gate the adventures came to long rectangular chamber covered in scorched and cracked wood panels. Three mystic circles were scribed into the floor and on the east wall a closed set of steel doors were the only other apparent exit.

The two wizards entered the chamber to investigated the circles. A short time after they began investigating lighting erupted from the ceiling and filled the room. Deciding it would be best to leave the area quickly, the rogue Anon made his way to the steel double doors and set to picking the lock. After hearing a satisfying click the adventurers opened the doors.

Lake of Madness
Session 5

Hunkering down in the darkness of the Caves of Chaos, the adventurers hoped to rest. Only a few hours into their rest movement was heard in the darkness. Casting light the adventurers found themselves face to face with a large troll. The battled that followed was ultimately brought to end by a well placed fireball.

After the failed rest the adventurers decided to press on. Backtracking they made their way to room with a blood-red circle inscribed on the floor. The wizards quickly deduced that the circle ’s purpose was to call forth creatures from the Far Realm. Attempting to disable the circle from future use the wizards altered the wrong rune and a pulse of magical energy sprang from the circle. The magic from the circle drove some of those in the room mad.

With great effort the summoning circle was disabled and the adventurers continued to backtrack through the Far Realm Cysts until they entered the Lake of Madness.

Seeing a large pool of clear water one of the wizards, driven mad by the summoning circles magic, stripped of his robe and dove straight in. Looking towards the depths of the pool, the wizard saw a giant see monster rising towards him.


In shock the wizard unleashed a fireball below him. The ensuing explosion launched him out of the pool and back amongst his fellow adventurers. The battle that ensued was fierce but soon the Aboleth perished beneath the blades and spells of the adventurers.

Large globes of floating water surrounded the lake in the cavern. The wizards quickly learned they could control the globes and move them about. This new found tool would prove useful in the cavern to the south.

Faint shimmering lights filled the air of the cavern to the south. Standing tranfixed by the lights were several wights and an undead warrior. Using the the globes water, the wizard was able to entrap the undead warrior and pull him into the other room. On his body the party found another Gate Key.

Having cleared the Far Realm Cysts the adventurers now had to decide where to head next.

The Caverns of Chaos
Session 4

Armed with a second Glyph key, the adventurers headed into the Caverns of Chaos. Divided by twisted ledges , the cavern descended deep into the darkness. Shortly after entering, a human scream emanated from below one of the ledges.

Acting quickly, one of the wizards cast light upon a torch and tossed it near the source of the scream. Illuminated by the torch was a horrified and bedraggled man, cowering in fear from a fast approaching Grick. It’s snake like body propelling its hungry tentacled mouth towards the defenseless human.


Leaping into action, the adventures quickly dispatched the Grick along with several others that were lured by the promise of an easy meal. It was then the adventurers noticed more disturbing sounds echoing from the blackness of the cavern. A babbling of incomprehensible voices preceded the arrival of a writhing mass of flesh. Covered in eyes and mouths all over its shifting form, the creature assaulted the party.


As another of the creatures joined the assault, Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast fly to escape the carnage. Flying deep into the cavern while holding a torch for light, he came face to face with a giant exposed brain from which a bird beak protruded and several tentacles dangled. A fierce fight ensued.


Fortunately for Fizbin Fizzlebottom the other adventures had slain the gibbering mouthers. As the aerial battle between Fizbin and the Grell continued, Dorf saw an opening. Recklessly throwing himself off one of the caverns ledges Dorf lept at the Grell. Landing Directly on top of the brainy creature, Dorf repeatedly buried his axe in the squishy grey matter until the creature, with Dorf on top, plummeted to the cavern floor.

Cleaning themselves off, the adventurers headed towards an opening at the bottom of the cavern. Upon entering a much smaller cavern they were greeted by the site of a jet-black altar. Upon its sides were carved the faces of the adventurers. Cautiously they made their way forward. Upon the altars surface dozens of weapons, tools, and items were engraved. Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast an identify spell and determined the altar could imbue magical properties upon items placed atop it.

Wasting no time, Lorne Loremaster placed his magical boots on top of the alter. A magical glow flowed from the altar and surrounded boots and at that moment Lorne collapsed to the floor. Rushing to his side the adventurers determined that Lorne was not dead but comatose. Deducing the altar was behind his current state, they placed his boots in his hands and Lorne suddenly awoke. After further investigation, it was determined Lorne would be stuck in this predicament until one of the clerics could cast Remove curse upon him.

The Prison of Filth
Session 3

Having defeated the beholder and acquiring a second glyph key, the adventurers decided to press forth through the only obvious exit. A small hallway off the slime filled cavern quickly led them to the dense fog that signaled the presence of a white gate. Holding forth the glyph key, the wizard parted the fogs and allowed the party to pass through.

A short ways past the gate, the adventures entered a large cavern. Piles of rotting garbage and filth filled the floor, and their nostrils were assaulted with an unbearable stench. Several found it overpowering and began vomiting.

Little time could be wasted adjusting to the noxious odor as almost immediately a half dozen creatures burst forth from their hiding places amongst the trash. The three legged creatures bodies consisted mostly of a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. Extending from their bodies were three tentacles, two ending in barbed spikes, and the third ending in eyes.


A most foul battle ensued. Lighting bolts flared across the cavern from one of the wizards. A vomit covered Dorf charged headlong into the fray. The clerics did their best to bestow their gods favor upon the party, while the monk’s fists showed no mercy. Lorne, strategically cowering in the back, inspired the party with one of his favorite songs. Soon the vile Otyughs fell one by one, or in Dorf’s case two by two.

With the butchered corpses of the Otyughs at their feet, the adventurers finally had time to survey their surroundings. It was quickly decided they should venture through the double door to the north to escape the foul stench of the cavern.

Jimmying open the door they found a small cavern filled with nearly two dozen unarmed skeletons. Reginald Carnelian held forth his symbol of Bahamut and called upon his god. All but a few of the skeletons were no match for the overwhelming power of Bahamut and were reduced to rubble. The few that remained were quickly dispatched by the rest of the adventurers.

In the far corner of the room was a circle of black onyx stones from which shadowy black smoke curled up. Upon the wall nearby was a circle of glowing glyphs. The adventurers recognized the blakc circle as a teleportation cirlce and the glowing glyphs as a a contact stone. Using the contact stone, they reached out to Syranna and attuned their second glyph stone to the black teleportation circle.

With a second glyph key the party now had a choice to make. Venture on into the Caverns of Chaos or enter the Forests of Slaughter….or both.

Entering the Doomvault
Session 2

The adventurers awoke in a shadowy hall with glowing teleportation circles etched into the floor. Suddenly an image of a female Red Wizard appeared before them.

“I am Syranna,” she spoke. “It was I who saved you when the Bloodgate shattered and your allies were too slow to extract you. Trust that I am no threat. Welcome to Thay.”

“You are in the heart of the lich lord’s domain, deep beneath the Thaymount. This is a magic gatehouse, a point of entry to the Doomvault. The Doomvault is a secret laboratory and containment structure, beneath which lies a hidden storehouse where the phylacteries of Szass Tam’s elite liches are held. There, the lich lord’s power can be broken . . . with your aid.

“I saved your lives. Now I ask you to repay that boon. The Bloodgate has fallen, but if you believe your homelands are safe, you are wrong. I offer you an opportunity to take the fight to the lich lord. With the destruction of the Bloodgate, the Thaymount has been locked down. I can’t teleport you back unless Szass Tam’s power is broken. The Phylactery Vault is where you can make that happen. What say you?”

The adventurers agreed, and Syranna provided them with a magic crystal pendant on a bronze chain. She explained how the Doomvault was split into sections each accessible through a black gate. The sections were further divided into zones separated by white gates. The pendant, known as a glyph key, would allow one to teleport to black gates and pass through white gates. A glyph key must be attuned to a specific zone to work. From the gatehouse Syranna could attune the key to whichever zone the adventurers wished to travel to first.

With their new found knowledge the adventurers headed through a black gate and entered the Far Realm Cysts. Upon entering they encountered a horde of undead human and ogre zombies.

After defeating the zombies with a well placed fireball they descended a short flight of stairs leading into a large chamber. Hundreds of unblinking eyes stared into the room from long walls of glistening green stone. The floor was covered with a viscous slime that dripped from four stalagmites.

Hesitant to enter the slime, the adventurers poked and prodded around. Eventually, disturbed by the hundreds of unblinking eyes, they launched spells and javelins at the walls. Although the their assault had little effect on the eyes, it was enough to bring the rooms occupant out from hiding.

Emerging from behind a stalactite, a beholder aimed its deadly eye stalks at the adventurers. A vicious fight ensued and soon both parties retreated. After regaining their courage the adventurers charged through the slime filled cavern in pursuit of the beholder.

Finding the beholder silently hovering in a small chamber beyond the slime filled cavern, the adventurers took the initiative and struck. After a short battle the beholder fell to a powerful blow from the fighter.

Having cleared the room of threats, the adventurers had time to survey their surroundings. Several humanoid corpses, apparent victims of the beholder, lay on the ground. A cleric in the group cast speak with dead, and learned from one of the departed’s spirit that the victims were part of a Red Wizard patrol. The spirit, learning of the beholders death at the hands of the adventurers, advised the cleric of the glyph key on his corpse.

Game Day
Session 1

Several tendays had passed since our adventurers had first learned of the Bloodgate Keep. Finally the time to act had come.

Gathered outside the graceful estate of Darfin and Shalendra Floshin, Sir isteval laid forth the plan. A renegade Red Wizard named Mennek, seeking to overthrow the rule of Szass Tam, divulged the Red Wizard’s plot. They planned to open an ancient gate, known as the Bloodgate, to connect the Sword Coast with the far away land of Thay. Once opened, the Red Wizards would invade the Sword Coast with all sorts of foul creatures and undead.

Mennek agreed to help the adventurers, along with Jekk, Kelson Darktreader, Hadar, Darfin and Shalendra, infiltrate the Bloodgate Keep. To destroy the Bloodgate the adventurers first had to travel to several elemental planes to remove keys powering the gate. Once completed the adventurers traveled to Bloodgate Nexus.

Once there they found Tarul Var, a lich and Red Wizard, holding open the Bloodgate Keep. Surrounding the room were several daises on which apprentices to the Red Wizards were preparing to ritually sacrifice humans to power the gate.

Battle ensued until unexpectedly Mennek yelled out, “Baazka, the way is open! Now help me escape.” Hellish crimson flames rippled from the Bloodgate, and a huge ghostly form of a winged fiend appeared. As it gained more solidity, the broken blade of a sword could be seen jutting from a festering wound in its chest.

Mennek rushed passed the figure and vanished into the Bloodgate. Shalendra yelled out “Baazka!” and charged forth. Seeing his sister run to certain death Darfin followed and both were unexpectedly sucked into the gate.

The pit fiend then spoke, “Now, for those who care to listen, I have a bargain for you. Pull the blade from my chest, and I will shatter the Bloodgate for you.” The adventurers made a pact with the devil and agreed. They pulled forth the blade from Baazka and all hell broke loose.

When all seemed lost, suddenly a pulse of eldritch power exploded from the Bloodgate knocking everyone down. The shuddering chamber and shrieking sound suggested the next wave would be worse. Suddenly silver lightning arched from the Bloodgate seeking out the adventurers and their allies. As the Bloodgate prepared to pulse again the adventurers suddenly felt themselves being pulled through the portal and all went black.


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