Dead in Thay: Dreams of the Red Wizards II

Abyssal Gate pt. 2

Session 9

Blinking back to the material plane Aist Orgost found himself face down on the cold stone floor of the Doomvault. Looking up, he could see the lich Tarul Var walking away and into the room his fellow adventurers had fled to. Conjuring all of his meager strength, Aist forced himself to his feet and began retreating down the hall.

Having lost sight of his fellow adventurers all seemed lost. Then flying through the hallway came his salvation. The cleric rode upon a fiery credenza, flying through air and guided by the wizard Fizbin Fizzlebottom. His hope reignited, Aist rushed forward and leapt upon the fiery flying credenza.

Stasi, Anon Nautalius, and Reginald Carnelian fled through the black gate to the gatehouse, narrowly escaping the clutches of Tarul Var. Lynd of Pregen was not so luck and lay dying a mere twenty feet from the black gate. Reginald Carnelian, refused to leave anyone behind and headed back through the black gate. Starring down Tarul Var, Reginald channeled his healing magic and brought Lynd back to the land of the living. Fleeing together back through the black gate they once again escaped the wrath of Tarul Var to the safety of the gatehouse.

Meanwhile, Aist Orgost, Fizbin Fizzlebottom, and the cleric flew through the halls of the Doomvault. Avoiding demons, trolls, and dispatching at least one stubborn wight, the adventurers made their way back to the black gate. Flying through at full speed they entered the gatehouse on their fiery flying credenza.

The Paladin stood in the magical darkness cast by a doorway. Shutting the doors the darkness dissipated. At the far end of the hall he could see the Tarul Var retreat to his quarters, now engulfed in flames. He silently made his way down the hall and to the black gate.

Reunited, the adventurers now all stood in the gatehouse with a burned and bashed credenza of Tarul Var. Searching the drawers, they found a glyph key attuned to the Temples of Extraction.


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