Dead in Thay: Dreams of the Red Wizards II

Abyssal Gate

Session 8

Heading south with Char Char the fire elemental in toe, the adventurers headed south through a hallway. They hoped to find a black gate marked on their maps in order to rest in the safety of the seclusion crypt. Passing a cross-section in the hallway they came to a closed wooden door. Tortured unearthly screams could be heard from the other side. Thinking it prudent to take advantage of their new fiery ally, the adventurers sent Char Char forth to break through the door.

Bursting through the wooden door, Char Char entered a large room filled with chains and instruments of torture. The origin of the screams previously heard was immediately apparent. A large red skinned demon with lobster claws was chained to the floor in the center of the room. Tormenting the demon were several skeletons and wight, all armed with long spears.


Immediately Char Char went to work burning the undead tormenters. The adventurers followed close behind and the battle was over in a few short moments.

With its undead tormenters no more, the demon asked the adventurers to free it, promising to assist in the destruction of the Red Wizards. The tiefling Aist Orgost wisely counseled against such a foolish idea, noting quite accurately that demons could not be trusted.

A vote was taken, in which the demons raised lobster claws may or may not have been counted, and it was decided to set the creature free. Freeing the demon proved to be no easy task as four locks secured the magical chains which restrained the creature. A few dispel magic spells later and the once unbreakable chains were no longer enchanted.

Seizing the opportunity the demon burst out of the chains laughing maniacally. “You chose well foolish human/elf/tiefling/halflings! I shall destroy the Red Wizards and you with them!”

Aist Orgost, having predicted this exact outcome, acted quickly and worked his magic. Casting a suggestion spell, Aist convinced the demon to first free his fellow demons imprisoned in a room nearby. Under Aist’s magical influence the demon saw the wisdom in this and quickly headed north to free the other demons.

The adventurers, realizing they had narrowly avoided disaster, decided to use the black gate in the corner of the room to access the seclusion chamber to rest.

Having rested the adventurers backtracked and headed north out of the room. Coming to a cross section in the hallway they had previously passed, they this time headed east. The hallway ended at a set of double doors inlaid with brass filigree in the shapes of angelic figures. Hoping to gain an angelic ally, the adventurers swung open the doors. Darkness spilled into the hallway and immersed the adventurers in necrotic energy. Quickly they slammed the door shut and the darkness retreated.

It was then they heard the angry scream and loud footfalls of a familiar creature coming from the northern hallway. The demon was returning. Unable to concentrate on his suggestion spell while in the seclusion zone, Aist’s spell no longer had a hold on the demon. Realizing it had been tricked it sought vengeance.

As the demon reached the cross-section in the hallway, the adventuring party was split on either side. The demon’s gaze fell upon Aist and he charged forth with the intent of tearing the tiefling apart with its lobster claws. Spells were fired, swords were swung and the battle seemed dire as the Demon seemed unstoppable.

On the opposite side of the hallway, one of the clerics hoped salvation (or treasure) would lie on the opposite side of an unclosed door. Swinging the door open, he peered in on a well-appointed living quarters. Standing screens divided the room into smaller sections containing couches, tables and desks. In the center of the room, starring back with hate filled eyes, was none other than the lich Tarul Var. Seeing those who had destroyed his beloved Bloodgate he pointed aimed his staff and unleashed a barrage of lighting and fire.


In short order the paladin had fallen unconcious. The tiefling trapped in the claws of the demon cast blink and flashed in and out of the material plane while slowly bleeding out.

With no creatures in its claws the demon bounded down the hallway towards the second half of the adventuring party and Tarul Var. It continued to battle ferociously until the string of lighting bolts Tarul Var filled the hallway with took it down.

With several of their members unconscious and a very angry lich in front of them, several of the adventurers decided to retreat to the black gate. The unnamed cleric and Fizbin Fizzlebottom had other ideas.

The unnamed cleric had been passed by the Tarul Var and saw an opportunity to raid the lich’s quarters. Heading to the desk, he immediately began rummaging through the drawers discovering a glyph key and steel key. One drawer remained stubbornly closed, clearly locked by magic.

Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast fly and raced down the hallway over the Tarul Var and into the lich’s quarters. Tarul Var turned and launched a fireball. Flames now consumed the room as Fizbin found the cleric hacking away at the desk. Tarul Var turned and chased after the escaping adventurers realizing the cleric and wizard had nowhere to go.

Thinking quickly, Fizbin Fizzlebottom cast levitate on desk. The cleric climbed atop, and the flying Fizbin began pushing the desk out of the room and down the hallway in haste hoping to escape both flames and lich.

The party remained split. Wizard and cleric flew down the hallway with a flaming desk. The paladin lay in a pool of blood. Aist, still unconscious, blinked back and forth between the Prime Material Plane and the Ethereal Plane. The rest of the party fled south to the black gate with Tarul Var close behind.



so… some mistakes were made. Lets treat this as a learning experience and know now that demons can not be trusted.

Abyssal Gate
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