Dead in Thay: Dreams of the Red Wizards II

Temple of Chaos

Session 7

Opening the steel double doors, the adventurers found a finely furnished room before them. Tapestries adorned the walls, cushions covered the floor, and two sets of sliding double wooden doors were set into the southern wall.

Upon the cushions reclined a familiar figure over whom stood two armed guards. Lady Maldwyn, sister to the Duke of Daggerford, cried out upon seeing the adventurers enter, “Thank the gods! You must be here to save me! That treacherous succubus my brother was enthralled with switched places with me and imprisoned me here!”.

The guards looked at each other and readied their weapons. Charging forth Anon Nautalius and Reginald Carnelian fought there way to Lady Maldwyn. She fixed her gaze upon Anon Nautalius and convinced him, against Reginald’s advice to kiss her.

Her true nature was then revealed, as it was not Lady Maldwyn but the succubus herself. Despite draining much of Anon’s life force with her kiss he remained standing and under her charm. Battle ensued and eventually the succubus fell to the adventurers.

Searching the room, the adventurers found a wealth treasure along with another glyph key. Seeing as there were no other readily visible exits they decided to inspect the walls closely, and upon investigating the east wall quickly discerned there was hidden exit.

Sliding open the secret door, the adventurers were greeted by wave of heat. The small hallway revealed led to a soot streaked stone chamber, its walls lined by glowing runes. From the center a fire elemental surged forward towards the adventurers. Reaching the edge of the room the glowing runes flared and the elemental was brought to a halt. It screamed out in primordial, “Home! Want home!”.


Seeing an opportunity, Aist (the too good to create a character profile wizard) parlayed. Learning the elemental (forthwith known as Char Char) had been imprisoned by the Red Wizards, the adventurers decided to free him. After studying the runes Fizbin Fizzlebottom channeled his magic and brought down the magic field trapping the elemental. Char Char, grateful for being freed, agreed to follow the adventurers.

Making their way out the otherside of the chamber, the adventurers headed south until coming to another door. A large chamber lay on the other side. In it over a half dozen undead creatures stood guard over more than a dozen minor demons and imps imprisoned in cages. Battle ensued and the undead guards fell to the adventurers swords and spells.

Ignoring the demons and imps pleas for freedom the adventurers headed south out of the room.


Ok, there was some serious lightening manipulation happening in that other room, but it seems like that succubus is all anyone cares about. For real, with all that Aist has learn about electromagnetics, he might get hired by Tesla motors soon.

Temple of Chaos
Will_R darkspire

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